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Did you know that dogs roll in mud and other stinky stuff like garbage to stay cool and clean? To make matters worse, they lick, bite, and scratch themselves to brush  their coats. This is what we call alley dog instincts. If a stinky, matted dog is not your idea of a cool and well-groomed pet, bring your canine companion to Dog Alley in Nampa, Idaho. Our friendly and highly trained groomers understand both dogs and humans: dogs want a cool place to hang out while humans want their pets to be thoroughly cleaned and groomed.  

All breeds and sizes of dogs

Dog Grooming in Nampa. All the cool dogs hang out at Dog Alley! This means that any dog is welcome in our shop. Does your dog need a full makeover or just a bath and a touch-up? Is s/he as big as a house or as small as a mouse? Is s/he as sweet as pie or have an alley dog attitude (i.e., the kind many groomers refuse to work on)? No worries! We accept all of them at Dog Alley!  

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