About Our Company

Our Founder

   Dog Alley in Nampa, Idaho was formally opened by Robyn Foust in 2007. Aside from being our founder, she serves as our company owner and chief pet groomer. Robyn has worked with dogs for most of her life. Apart from providing excellent grooming services, she enjoys training and working with her Irish Setter. She has been grooming canines for dog shows, family members, and friends for some time. In addition, she has a duly recognized all-breed grooming certification.   

Several years after opening Dog Alley, Robyn was joined by her husband, Mitch Foust in the grooming shop. Mitch also has extensive experience grooming dogs, both pet and show. He enjoys showing dogs and training field dogs, especially his Brittany.    Your furry companion is always in the best hands when you take him or her to be groomed by Mitch or Robyn at Dog Alley.